Graphic Garb for Cavers

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T_shirts available in sizes from adult M through 4X.  $16  For sizes 2X - 4X, please add $2.  Sweatshirts printed upon request for $29.  Color and size availability varies.   Please contact us for information on color, style and size.

2006 National Speleological Society T-shirt Salon Award Winner
Conserve Underground America *Second in Series* (design and photo 2006 Frank Vlchek)  Caption:  "May there never be a time when the unspoiled beauty beneath the earth is gone."  Accompanied by a photo of former Cleveland Grotto member Lee Gilman in Xanadu Cave, Tennessee.  Printed on black shirts and sweats only. 

  Conserve Underground America *First in Series(design 1994 Frank Vlchek)  Get the popular T with the cave cricket straight from the artist.  Only available in forest green color.

Caver's Troubleshooting Guide (design 2007 Frank Vlchek) Only a caver would understand this humor.  Printed in purple ink on a natural T-shirt.  NEW DESIGN

  The Nylon Highway  (design 1996 Ric Miller)  Printed on light colored shirts.   

  Vertically Challenged  (design 1996 Ric Miller)  Printed on light colored shirts.

  Caver Definition  (design 1997 Graphic Garb)  Challenging all of man's great fears.  White ink on dark shirts.

  Party Till The Bats Come Home  (design 1998 Graphic Garb)  Our evening wear for cavers.  The bat comes with his own pair of sunglasses.  Printed on light shirts.

    Vertical Caver  (design 1999 Graphic Garb)  A double-sided T with a vertical drop printed on the front and a rappel rack printed on the back.  Light colored shirts.

  Spelunker  (design 1996 Ric Miller)  A favorite fun shirt for cavers.  Light colored shirts 

  Get Underground  Cavers will know who you are, non cavers won't.  The T shirt equivalent of the bat bumper sticker.  Printed on black shirts.

  Temporary Tattoos for Cavers  With proper care they should last 4 to 5 days.  We include application instructions.  Specify which style you'd like.  $1.50 each  If ordering only tattoos, shipping charge is 42 cents for a stamp.

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